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Goal Setting



Specific - set a specific goal or target, don't be too general or vague or so big it can't be accomplished.

Measurable - the goal must be able to be measured, you want to be able to see the progress you are making.

Action- oriented - Be pro-active in taking the action that will result in reaching the goal. Don't sit and wait for someone to hand it to you.

Realistic - the goal must be realistic, you can't have a goal that simply can't happen, EX: like turning your little brother into frog.

Timely - There must be reasonable time to complete your goal, but no so much time you lose focus or motivation.


  1. Write your dream down on a piece of paper and hang it on a bulletin board or poster board or even on the wall of your room. Look at it every single day. EX: A veterinarian surgeon for horses.
  2. Cut out pictures or print pictures of what you want to achieve and put them up around your dream.
  3. Cut out words that describe your goal and put them onto your goal board.
  4. Research the steps it will take to accomplish this goal, (EX: what do you need to do, are their certain classes), then write the steps down and put them onto your goal board.
  5. Set a time limit to achieve the steps for your goal.
  6. Write down the people who can help you achieve this goal if you get stuck, then don't be afraid to get the help.
  7. DON'T give up if you have a setback, you are only human.
  8. MOST IMPORTANTLY - never lose sight of your goal. Talk to yourself every day telling yourself you will achieve or accomplish what you dream.


  1. If you run into problems with your goal setting, talk to someone about how to get it back on track.
  2. Re-examine your goals to make sure the goals and steps follow the guidelines. EX: If the goal is too big it could be unattainable. If you have too many steps you could get tired and want to quit.
  3. Refocus you plans, start with smaller successes until you are able to get back on track to your big goal.
  4. Use predesigned goal worksheets to help you get started if you are having problems.
  5. Remember that you need multiple smaller goals accomplished in order to achieve your big, long term goal.